Intro Camera Cinematography 
and Video Lighting Workshop

Event Date and Time:
October 6, 13, 20 – Time: 1PM to 4PM

Location Address: 
Roberts Camera 220 E St Clair St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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James E. Moriarty of Moriarty Media will teach a three session, 3-hour workshop that will focus on the following topics and techniques:
•    The basic aspects of cinema cameras
•    Basic lighting techniques
•    Understanding cinematographic vocabulary
•    How to interpret scripts and storyboards 
•    How different lengths of lenses affect space and emotional engagement, and how camera angles and movement relate to drama.

Throughout this workshop, participants will film scenarios that demonstrate how different lighting styles and stylistic approaches lead to different dramatic results on screen.  We will also utilize examples from film and television to help illustrate each topic.  This workshop is suitable for people with basic knowledge of cameras who are considering moving from still photography into filmmaking and for filmmakers who want to improve their understanding of the camera’s function in visual storytelling. 

If you have any questions, please call James at (317) 581-9126.